Contact Us

This site is still in th process of development and the facilities for contacting members of theis Diocese are not yet in place. 

In due course, there will be links here to the Bishop, along with any other appropriate staff.

If you are from Sudan or South Sudan, you will know that the structures of a Western diocese are often missing or at least embryonic.  If you are from the 'West', then please don't expect Western facilities!

Most of the successful ECSSS websites are supported by a webkeeper who is based in one of the more developed nations - in the UK or the USA or Australia for instance.  That webkeeper will establish a relationship with the Diocese and then help them to maintain this significant window into life in an African diocese.  If that person could be you, then please contact the Provincial IT Support person, Chris Wright.  But do bear in mind that Chris has no detailed knowledge or close contact with individual dioceses and requests for that sort of information or help cannot be answered.